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Storage and Van hire Portsmouth

When you need a couple of weeks to store your belongings, you are a student away back home for the summer or even you sold up and decided to sail around the world on a yacht for a year! Self Storage is the way to keep your items safe.

These facilities offer storage for Household item and furniture alike also for business customers students and for people on the move such as the armed forces. Giving the customer access at any open time. Terms are flexible stating at a day or two to say decorate the house up businesses using units as ongoing contracts for their supply and demand

Storage units come in sizes from twenty five square feet to two hundred square feet. Typically an average three bedroom house would around one hundred and fifty square footage of space.

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Lok n Store

If you have sold your home recently, found yourself between rented accommodation or you are looking to move away in Portsmouth and have nowhere to move to then storage is probably the solution Removals Portsmouth do not have storage facilities of our own but we do have a good relationship with companies in Portsmouth that offer this service.

You may just need to de – clutter to make your home more attractive to potential customers who would no doubt prefer to see less of how you live and more of what they could do with the space available.

If you decide storage is for you and especially if it is for a reasonable length of time here are a few suggestions and ideas to consider

Packing boxes. Always use sturdy boxes and fill them tightly so that they can be closed as it is likely that stacking will be required and this would ease any collapse. Although it is a more pricy option plastic boxes would be more suited to carrying fragile items. Pack heavy items such as books into smaller boxes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bubble wrap and paper. Its always a wise investment to have packing materials available before you start this way its less likely that corners will not be cut while the packing is in progress bubble wrap and packing paper are good to have about but I do suggest to customers that keeping back soft items such as cushions, pillows, duvets and bedding and clothing is an effective and economical way of protecting the more fragile goods that you may own this also would make up any spaces left in otherwise part full boxes.Outside. You will most likely have garden items you wish to store and you will undoubtedly find that they do not pack or stack very well, allow for this when considering your storage needs. It is also wise to give these items a good clean to avoid corrosion and less likely to leave any marks in the household furniture.

Removals Portsmouth provides competitive storage in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.
We also provide van hire service – Competing with Removal Companies in Portsmouth we can offer the same service at Removals Portsmouth prices for both domestic and commercial removals.

If you need to store your belongings, Removals Portsmouth can provide you with storage space as well as van hire services.


We do not storage ourselves but work very closely with local storage companies to give the best deal in your area. There are many different storage companies in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas offering different rates and it does pay to shop round, often finding that the best rate will change if you come back with a better price than they have first quoted.
Call Removals Portsmouth on 02392 92 92 92 removals unbeatable prices for a whole range of jobs locally and nationally.You do not require insurance to drive vans provided via our van hire service. We also can offer professional removal service. With this you would get two or more professional removal men who are likely to get a move done very much more quickly and efficiently on a bigger move.

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